Duncan Engines – Changing The Future Of Energy/Transportation

Designing, Developing and Improving Energy/Engines

We are a solid company with the primary purpose of developing car engines to decrease fuel cost by increasing gas mileage . We believe Compressed Natural Gas will be the fuel of choice soon both for generation of electricity and for especially trucks and later automobiles. As many in this world have noticed, the economy is now improved. Credit is loosening auto sales had returned to normal levels. Housing should be next. I look for natural gas prices to go up a the mix between different types of fuels changes.

As we continue to develop your engines we hope they will be able to run on all fuels with little or no modifications. The perfect engine should be about 80% efficient and run on what ever fuel that is available.

At Duncan Engines we are working to do the following things:

1. The engine we are designing, is to run on all fuels with a preference of Compressed Natural Gas.

2. The design (if possible) will not be reciprocating.

3. The design (if possible) will be round or circular.

4. The design will be direct injection.

5. The design should is to be more efficient 80% is the goal.

6. The engine to run on Diesel,Gasoline,Natural Gas,Bio-fuels,and Alcohol

We are currently seeking investors for our engine. We are actively developing a running prototype and have detailed designs of how our engine works. Research is a key element for us at Duncan Engines – we will stop at nothing to get the job done.

CEO And Founder
Richard Duncan
Call For Information: 281-949-8083

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